Frequently Asked Questions about Granny Flats in Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions about Granny Flats in Sydney


Frequently Asked Questions about Granny Flats in Sydney

What are the advantages of Granny Flats?

These flats are smaller, more compact, more functional, and can be constructed in a fraction of the time as opposed to other building types. With it, you are building on a pre-existing plot of land. You do not need to obtain council permission once you meet the minimum requirements. All in all, this is a great investment. Another advantage is that they are versatile and close to home. If you choose to rent, you will be living next door in case something happens and can exert increased control.

You are simply converting the existing space into a more functional unit.

What building requirements in Sydney?

Once you meet the minimum requirements, you do not need council permission. The minimum requirements as per the 2009 NSW Affordable Housing State Environment Planning Policy (‘SEPP’) are:

  1. Must be a residential homeowner or property investor.
  2. The existing house must be 450 metres squared or more.
  3. Must have a minimum of 12 metre street frontage.

Your property must be in a residential area if you wish to build without council approval.

What residential areas are approved for this type of construction?

The following residential zones are approved:

  • Zone R1 - General Residential
  • Zone R2 - Low-Density Residential
  • Zone R3 - Medium-Density Residential
  • Zone R4 - High-Density Residential
  • Zone R5 - Large Lot Residential (via DA only)

What about approval for double and triple storey flats?

You don’t need council approval regardless of the number of storeys, as long as the total height is below 8.5 metres. The flats can be built as standalone units or as you can build them on top of your existing house, or as a horizontal extension. We can provide you with the best single, double, or triple storey granny flats Sydney has to offer in a short space of time for a great price.

How fast can you build?

The design phase can take around 2 weeks so we have everything ironed out in detail. Compliance and any necessary approvals will take around 1-3 weeks to come in. The construction process will take around 9 weeks. We work fast because we know what we’re doing. We will also take you through the entire process and keep you up to date across all developments.

What makes you the best granny flat builder in Sydney?

We have worked in the area for 15 years and you can take a look at our portfolio of successfully completed projects. We organise the Home Owners Warranty Insurance Policy for you. Actually, we organize pretty much everything for you.

After all the red tape has been taken care of, your new place will be complete within 9 weeks. We are members of the Housing industry Association and are fully compliant with all rules and regulations.

I'm convinced! Lets get things started, what do I do next?

Talk to the best granny flat builders in Sydney now on 04 9191 3030.

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