Why Bellcast Granny Flats?

Why Bellcast Granny Flats?


Why Bellcast Granny Flats?

What are the advantages of this type of accommodation?

✔ They are easy and quick to design, as well as being quick to construct.
✔ No need to go through the hassle of finding and buying a new plot, which has become almost prohibitively expensive.
✔ Affordable, quick, smart, and convenient way to expand your living space.
✔ Eco-friendly, and maximising available space.
✔ Generate revenue through paying tenants

What is the approval process in Sydney?

Hate red tape and local council rules?

Perfect, if your home meets certain criteria (larger than 450m2 and with a minimum of 12m street frontage) there’s no need to secure council approval at all.

These minimum requirements are set out as per the 2009 State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP), and make it easy to choose your preferred granny flats designs and begin building your exciting new space, form of rental income, or secondary dwelling.

Of course, there are lots of things to file and you’ll still need to be compliant, but our experienced team will take all of these requirements for you.

What happens if I don't qualify under the SEPP?

Don’t qualify under the criteria set out by the SEPP?

Don’t stress.

If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, an application will need to be lodged as a complying development. You will need to complete a CDC application and this can take 20 days to get a response. If this is rejected, you will need to lodge a full application with the relevant council.

Before you do anything, it’s best to give us a call to see where you stand. We are familiar with the approval process and will be able to gauge quickly whether or not you will be able to get approval.

Reach out for free advice and support today on 04 9191 3030.

What design will generate the highest rent?

If you’re looking to use your new flat as a way to generate rental income, you’ll naturally want to know which design is best suited to the highest rent.

While there’s no definitive design that guarantees the highest rental return, we offer a range of design options to suit your property, and help you generate positive cash flow.

1 bedroom: 3 designs to choose from
2 bedroom: 7 designs to choose from
3 bedroom: 2 designs to choose from

Sydney rental averages have hit record highs, delivering $550 per week in 2021. Imagine unlocking hundreds of dollars a week through your own personal investment property?

If that appeals to you, reach out and schedule a FREE consultation with our expert to find out what your unused backyard land could be worth when transformed into a stylish and livable new dwelling.

Can I alter granny flats designs?


We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction and endeavour to make whatever changes are practical.

However, it’s best to request these at the beginning of the design process. We can change the design after we commence work, but this may increase construction time and add additional costs. But if you have minor changes along the way, please let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

In any case, we talk you through the entire process so that everything is crystal clear right from the start.

For high-quality granny flats designs, call us now on 04 9191 3030.

Why choose Us?

The clue is in our name.

While most other builders spread themselves too thin trying to provide every construction service under the sun, we’d rather do one thing, and do one thing well.

As a focused building company, we’re able to deliver faster builds at lower costs, and it’s pretty hard to beat a fast and quality build at such a low price. You won’t find another builder able to meet our standards of excellence or cost-effective building strategies while maintaining our quality of work.

And because we know your time is precious, we take care of all the red tape, provide you with insurance, as well as a structural build warranty.

Curious about our range of striking designs? Click here to explore our beautiful projects

Frequently Asked Questions About Granny Flats Designs in Sydney

Can I convert my garage into a granny flat?


Although these flats are the quick and stress-free way to improve your lifestyle and add value to your property, there are a range of factors that may prevent you from obtaining the building permission. These might include:

  • Zoning laws
  • Restrictions
  • Covenants
  • Legal regulations.

The main requirement for flat building in Sydney is that you are in a residential zone - otherwise, you will need council approval. But your dream isn’t up in smoke even with these obstacles, as there are numerous ways to circumvent (legally) most restrictions, such as converting a garage into a flat.

Garage conversion tends to be a little easier than building a new structure. But even building a new structure is far easier than buying or building a new house.

Do you offer finished designs?

Our range of flats have been pre-designed to keep your costs down and deliver superior dwellings without the cost. Check out our modern and innovative designs here.

Can I make changes to the design I choose?

Yes. You can tailor  the design so that it looks precisely the way you want it to. We would prefer you to have the house that you like, so we’ll do everything we can to deliver your new flat, your way.

Are your flats designed to be lived in or used as rental properties?

That’s entirely up to you. Our flats offer style, convenience and privacy no matter who calls them home. With Sydney’s rising demand for livable spaces, your flat is perfect as an extension of your home, or as a standalone dwelling for tenants to enjoy.

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